Independent Health Care Service (IHCS) has provided support services to Tasmanians living with disability for many years. Currently, IHCS is an approved provider of Disability Support for Older Australians (DSOA) and also provide services to National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants who Self Manage or have a Plan Manager.
We aim to provide you with the highest quality support services that are tailored to your individual needs and directed by you.

Your Service, Your Choice.

IHCS can assist with a wide range of support services, including traditional supports such as personal care and domestic assistance, through to individualised supports, to meet your social, recreational and occupational needs.

IHCS can also assist with a broader range of services that you may require. For example, we can provide specific staff training to meet individual care needs, and clinical staff (including Registered Nurses) for specialised care.
Some assistance we can assist with include:
• Daily personal activities -personal care, medication administration and meals.
• Assistance with daily life tasks in shared living arrangements.
• Participation in community activities.
• Household tasks including domestic assistance, washing and ironing.
• Gardening and maintenance.
• Assistance with travel and transport.
• Skill development and training.
• Community Nursing.

How do I arrange services with IHCS?

Please contact us to discuss your required supports, by calling the IHCS Office on 03) 6228 3899. One of our Personalised Services Coordinators will make a time, that suits you, to meet with us to discuss your individual needs and preferences.
The list above is just the beginning—we will be happy to work with you on innovative ideas of your choice.
Please feel free to download our personalised service brochure here
Or contact us on:
Phone: 03) 6228 3899; or,
email: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.